Master BG is back at swimming, with a new swimming teacher. It’s the start of term and his confidence needs rebuilding. Usually after a couple of weeks, he gets to know his teacher, then he starts to enjoy it. At the moment though, he doesn’t want to try. We’ve explained to him that it’s important to try and to practice and then he’ll get better. He’ll never be the fastest swimmer, but what we want is for him to be confident in the water and to enjoy it,and that means practicing.

We’ve pointed out that Mr BG (aka Dad) practices playing his guitar every day and plays the same songs over and over and over again. He’s bought it, somewhat reluctantly.

Just as some members of the family are persevering with their own challenges, I realise I should be persevere with my own.

I should bite the bullet and toilet train Miss BG. Atlthough I may succumb to procrastination on this one and wait until it gets a bit warmer.

Crochet- I was making a scarf for Mr BG to practice my crochet and stopped about halfway through. It was a ball of acrylic yarn I had bought to practice with and it feels a bit scratchy through my fingers. The hook I’m using may be a bit too big for the yarn and the weave is quite loose, but that could just be my tension which needs adjusting. I’m getting onto that, in between doing granny squares to make up a blanket. They’re quick and make you feel you’ve accomplished something.

Knitting- I have a baby blanket which I’ve finished knitting and which just has to be sewed together. I’ve been doing this blanket for nearly three years, mainly because knitting is a winter activity for me, and the person for whom I was knitting it keeps changing (ie the babies are born). The sewing up is the most boring part, which is the reason why I’ve put it off.

I also have a larger patchwork blanket which I started 5 years ago, and it is this one I’ve decided to pull the plug on. The wool is really nice and I can see it being used as a nice cardigan, beanie, or maybe even fingerless gloves. Given the amount of wool, it will probably be all three for which it’s used.

I can see a bit of sewing and unravelling coming my way in front of the telly…


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