Discovery Channel

This weekend has been one of discoveries:

Miss BG and I had a girl’s afternoon on Saturday, where we visited Lincraft for some yarn to make her a scarf and a cardigan. Thoroughly shopped out, we went to Cake, a new cafe open in Main Road.

Cake in Main Rd Ballarat

This little stretch of Main Rd already boasts a gallery, Ruby Rouge, a beautiful vintage shop, the Main Bar, an antique shop and an op shop. Miss BG and I had a small cupcake each, a pot of tea for me (T2 brand) and a bubbacino for Miss BG.

Miss BG at Cake

Having Miss BG as a shopping companion is a fun experience. She was very good at suggesting things for me to buy at Lincraft, and had immense fun playing  hide and seek there while my back was turned. She felt like a very big girl when we had tea and cupcakes together!

I went to Round She Goes, a vintage/recycled fashion market at the Moorabbin Town Hall (sorry Kingston City Hall). It pops up every three months and this was the first one I attended. The hall is huge and jam-packed with heaps of stalls of vintage and secondhand wear, with a fair bit of it reasonably priced.

The place was jam-packed with ladies looking for a bargain, and the energy and bustle reminded me of the first day of the Myer Stocktake sale. The musty smell of vintage clothes hit me as I went into the hall, and I felt I was in vintage heaven. They were also playing David Bowie over the sound system as I browsed, which added to the retro feel.

I only stayed an hour, . My modus operandi is to get there early and go through once,  looking for colours which  I like to wear. If I see my colour, then I’ll check what the clothes look like.I picked up a pair of grey trousers, a maroon woollen vest for work, which will look good over a white shirt and a lovely blue vintage jacket, which will look good with jeans, the trousers I just bought or a nice straight skirt.

Vintage Jacket

Vintage Jacket from Round She Goes

It was $22, which made me even happier!

I discovered that I still hate driving behind trams, but the traffic was fairly light, even on Punt Road. I arrived early and was able to browse through the shops in Gertrude and Brunswick Streets before I was due to meet up with @sallysetsforth, @bonitcoclub, @carolgauld, @haikugirlOz, @killerjoules, @tapsister and @pixelmushroom at the Vegie Bar.

And much fun was had talking crafty stuff, impending moves up north, books and shop talk, as a group of librarians is wont to do :).

I also discovered I was able to get home and do a roast chicken for dinner after a huge day- yay me!


4 thoughts on “Discovery Channel

  1. How wonderful is Cake?? My girls and I just love going there…
    Sounds like you’ve had a busy but productive weekend…

  2. Having a girl and going shopping with her is so stereotypical- but my Ms 14 and I go once every month or so together- and we both love it! It’s a totally different experience to shopping with my husband and my Mr 17 would never come shopping. He buys all his own clothes/shoes -usually by himself or with his girlfriend or just with mates (and we reimburse him- even that is online…)
    Enjoy it- it’s a really lovely thing to do with your daughter, and mine has loved it since she was quite young. Kx

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