Pictures of you

Old photos are hilarious, as they truly expose you for the dag you truly are. Or perhaps that’s just me? I was going through some old photos at my parent’s house early one morning and came across these treasures.

Beneath the carefully cultivated image of a hipster librarian who wears black, glasses and a permanent slash of red lippy lies a

someone who had to wear clothes that matched her sister,

Bookgrrl and sister

wore a lot of brown and yellow (so NOT my colours!),

little Ms BG

and had a topless shot of her in the bath.

Ms BG in the bath age one

Wore a white dress and a veil for the one and only time in her life (for my first Communion)

bookgrrl's first communion

The dress was made by my mum and the fabric was embroiderie anglaise, from what I can remember.

So now you know part of my story. I will have to leave the photos of me in the 80s for another time, as they still make me squirm :).


3 thoughts on “Pictures of you

  1. So brave of u to share. I recently went through some old photos of my grandmother’s and was fascinated by their world, then turned a page to be shocked by similar photos of me!

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