Empty Rooms

The little BGs are back from a sleepover weekend with their Nana and Papa in Geelong. They get to have their breakfast in the lounge room (a huge no no in our house), play with my brothers’ old toys (Transformers and He-Man), and poke around in a different shed. I get to go out to dinner with Mr BG to Eclectic Tastes on a Saturday night, have a fossick around Daylesford on Sunday, and read the paper uninterrupted. It’s a win-win situation.

The house was quieter and considerably emptier. There was no squabbling, no patter of little feet, slamming of doors, huge thumps then giggling- just silence. Getting up in the middle of the night and passing their bedrooms en route to the bathroom, I was struck by the stillness. No quiet breathing, or little coughs or snores. I must admit I tossed and turned in the early hours of this morning, when I’m usually rudely awakened by a cry and the words “Mummy!”

Yes, I missed them, and told them so several times. I got a few extra cuddles from Master BG, which was nice. I think he and I are both coming to the realisation that next year he’ll be a big school boy and we are running out of time together, so we have to make our time count.

This however doesn’t stop him from behaving like a vuvuzela when I’m on the phone…


6 thoughts on “Empty Rooms

  1. LOL! My friend has a little one that everytime the phone rings now jumps up and down shouting “I want to speak, I want to speak” through the entire conversation. If she does give him the phone he doesn’t … speak that is.

  2. I can relate! Even when the kids are away i still hear them calling me and I still don’t sleep like I used to before having kids. I enjoy having time with hubby but I miss them so. Don’t you wish that you could just have a couple of hours every day?

  3. My kids live with their father at the moment and I miss them more than I can possibly describe. After 18 years of full time parenting/part time working I am suddenly without them. There are positives to the arrangement and I do try and focus on those but walking past their empty rooms and having them just turn up every second weekend as if they are now visitors is pretty shattering.

    Enjoy the time without them, without guilt or reservation – we all deserve ‘me’ time!

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