Thanks for all the fish

I’m back at work after my two week break or me holiday, and glad to be back amongst my colleagues and undertaking a couple of reference inquiries for my clients. I’m listening to the future of libraries podcast on Radio National featuring Ian McShane and Kathryn Greenhill, and have updated my quarterly statistics, because it’s the end of June.

And I realise, it’s the end of #blogeverydayofjune!It’s been challenging, but fun coming up with fresh ideas; I have learned to love memes :), and to enjoy the discipline of writing every day.

I’ve had immense fun reading posts from people whom I know through Twitter, have met fleetingly at VALA, or have seen present. It has become a great way to connect with other librarians and read and engage in lively discussions about the profession. It has also provided us an insight into our personal lives, our interests and the contents of our handbags.

I’ve learned about the myriad of e-readers that people are using and their respective advantages and disadvantages; what people are reading and planning to read according to the piles of books beside their bed; people’s bookshelves; people’s cats, dogs, and chooks and people’s big and little people in their lives.

I’ve been amazed by the creativity of the bloggers involved, whether it be crochet, pottery, cross stitch or photography, and I’ve been heartened by the passion for libraries and librarianship displayed in the posts.

I’m off to put the kettle on and curl up in front of the telly with Mr BG for my Wednesday fix of Spicks and Specks.



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