Suddenly 30

So there I am, back in my old bedroom and I wake up from a weird dream involving Matt Smith as Doctor Who, and whom I’m REALLY happy to see. Which was really weird, because I had been watching ‘Silence with the Library’ which is a David Tennant…and I’m going off tangent…

It was 5:45am and I couldn’t sleep, so I started rummaging through the wardrobe, and dug up an old box of photos. They’re vaguely arranged by chronological order, depending on where we used to live. With Dad being a teacher in the Education Department, we would move every time Dad got a promotion.

I saw photos from milestones such as weddings, baptisms, first holy communions and confirmations. New school photos (and there were a few new schools for me!), old friends and old boyfriends, Christmases past, 21st parties, all of us looking younger, fuller faced and with less or more hair. I’ve grabbed a few to get them scanned and will post them up soon.

Trips down memory lane will often put you into a reflective mood and in tribute to the many who have gone before me, here are 30 things I did apart from #blogeverydayofjune

  1. Op-shopped till I dropped
  2. Got a parking fine (in connection with said op-shopping)
  3. Got very muddy at bootcamp
  4. Got very sweaty at the gym
  5. Got very relaxed at dayspa
  6. Learned how to crochet
  7. Finished knitting a blanket
  8. Started and nearly finished knitting a hat
  9. Discovered I was going to be an auntie and a sister in law (again)
  10. Took Master and Miss BG to the dentist
  11. Made pumpkin scones for the first time
  12. Applied for and got our passports
  13. Drank some very nice red wine
  14. Enrolled Master BG for primary school
  15. Babysat Bill and Trev the kinder budgies
  16. Planted some bulbs in the garden
  17. Pruned 20+ rose bushes in the garden
  18. Scraped ice off the car several times before heading to work, gym or bootcamp
  19. Ate the most delicious macarons from the Lindt shop
  20. Caught up with my mum’s group for the first time in months
  21. Got to know Joomla! all too well for work
  22. Participated in drafting a user survey to understand our users’ information seeking behaviours
  23. Had at least two dreams about Doctor Who (but don’t tell Mr BG)
  24. Made a lamb roast and birthday cake for Mr BG
  25. Watched the entire 3rd season of Mad Men on DVD over a long weekend
  26. Cuddled two little BGs a million times
  27. Yelled at two little BGs a million times
  28. Read some really great blogs
  29. Connected with some really great people
  30. Really appreciated my lovely mum and dad for putting us up at such short notice  last night

OMG- it’s nearly over!


3 thoughts on “Suddenly 30

    • Yes in 8 weeks time, we’re off to London to see my brothers, the off to Ireland to see my extended family of grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins!

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