My dog ate my blog

I was on my way home from a delightful day in the warmer climes of Geelong, where the temperature actually reached double figures, when Mr BG rang. He said “Don’t bother coming home”.

My first thoughts were the house had burnt down, but then why was he ringing on the landline? My next thoughts were “?” Apparently there is a major blackout in Ballarat, so there’s no lights, no heat and a mightily pissed off Mr BG looking for matches and candles.

Currently,ย I’m in my parent’s spare bedroom hastily putting together a blog post. It was going to be about my lovely sister, who’s just gotten engaged to a lovely guy who is besotted with her and who just announced her hard-won pregnancy.

It would have taken about an hour to compose in my head while I drove back home. Sadly that didn’t happen. The kids are in their pyjamas (I pack PJs for the trip home so they go striaght to bed), but I need to go and brush their teeth, and put them to bed in the room on whichย I’m currently madly typing.

Then I have to wear my mum’s pjs and go to bed in my old bedroom- the one which had the Duran Duran wallpaper 25 years ago.

Gotta go- kids are getting frisky ๐Ÿ™‚


5 thoughts on “My dog ate my blog

  1. LOL at Duran Duran ๐Ÿ˜› My waters broke at my mum’s place with Miss3 – I ended up wearing a pair of Mum’s undies home. I think the pjs are a preferable option! *giggle*

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