Girl on Film

Taking inspiration from Jenelle’s post on her love for Iva Davies and Icehouse, INXS and Sally’s Sharp story, I’d like to share with you, dear Reader, a teenage obsession, that looking back was quite scary to my friends and family. I previously mentioned a guilty pleasure in Duran Duran, but from 1981-1986-ish it went a tad overboard…

In 1981, I discovered I  liked boys, and this clip first seen on Countdown was the reason why.

Seeing Simon le Bon shirtless was even better seeing him in a frilly shirt. I got a little knot in my stomach when I saw him and remember thinking- “He’s cute!”

I became a religious watcher of Countdown and got the whole family sitting somewhat reluctantly around the single TV. Luckily the boys from Birmingham knew the power of promo videos and I soon got to see what is still my favourite video of theirs- Rio

By 1984 I had discovered Smash Hits thanks to Bernadette Moloney and the myriad of posters that could be found. For a while, the only place where they could be displayed was a small space of wall beside the wardrobe which could not be seen. Mum had decorated the bedroom I shared with my sister and any posters that could be seen were banned. Then we moved house, and I was given a bit more freedom. This meant every single piece of wall on my side of the room was covered with pictures large and small of Simon, John(who was vying for my affections), Nick, Andy and Roger.

By 1985, I was so obsessed, I could not go an hour at school without talking about Duran Duran. My long-suffering sister Fiona for a Year 7 English project, talked about Duran Duran- as the band she hated the most, but knew the most about. I wore my hair with a floppy fringe, wore a fedora picked up at a local op-shop. I sat up and watched the enitre Live Aid spectacular with my then best friend Brooke just to watch a few minutes of them performing (looking back now- highlights were Queen and U2. Honestly- I have the DVD! If  you’re interested in borrowing it lemme know :)).

And then  the obsession began to fade,  after ‘A view to a kill’ and their Notorious album.

Brooke started liking Pseudo Echo, and I slowly began to realise that there was more to music than Duran Duran. There was also more to life than Duran Duran, like friends and family. Slowly the pictures gave way to posters of other bands, like U2, The Doors and The Beatles.

By nature, I am a chucker, rather than a hoarder, but there are a couple of items I will never part with:

Clipping and pictures of Duran Duran in my scrapbook

Duran Duran Scrapbook

Duran Duran Scrapbook

My collection of tapes (this is just the DD ones)

Duran Duran tapes

Duran Duran tapes

And a collection of badges, which were a wedding anniversary gift from Mr BG

Duran Duran Badges

Duran Duran Badges

In many ways they were like a first love- you never forget them and the bittersweet memories they. I finally got to see them perform in 2003 when they were supporting Robbie Williams and felt like the insecure teenager desperate to fit in that I was over 25 years ago. They’re a part of my past I can never erase. And BTW, they were BRILLIANT and I screamed like a startstruck teenager, when they started playing Girls on Film!

I’ll leave you with my favourite song (as opposed to favourite video)

8 thoughts on “Girl on Film

  1. We all have our ‘guilty pleasures’ but I think I missed the Duran Duran phase :-).
    My wardrobe was covered with posters of Johnny Depp and Corey Haim and the first band that really got me going was …. New Kids on the Block! But because I lived with Nan and Pop, I was not allowed to watch Count Down (I wasn’t even allowed to watch A Country Practice), and so this is where I think I missed out on a lot of musical journeys.

    • Ahhh Johnny Depp- I loved 21 Jumpstreet, and The Lost Boys was one of my favourite movies in Year 12 🙂
      I was working in the Myer Record Bar when NKOTB were at their peak. I ,ust admit, Countdown lost its allure after 1987, so I don’t think you were missing out on much.

      • I kind of have the complete series of 21 Jump Street…if you ever feel like reminiscing. It was not quite the same when I watched it again a few months ago as it was 20 years ago 🙂

  2. My parents are from Birmingham. Years ago my dad said that his younger sister was great friends with one of the Duran Duran boy’s mum! I could have organised some sort of weird hookup for you had I known and known you then… 🙂

  3. Catching up on blog posts and this is a doozy!!

    Your scrapbooks!! Your collections!! I knew you were a Duran fan but this takes the cake. I still remember you being so excited at work at being able to see them!! Such an awesome feeling!! 🙂

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