I get misty, just holding your hand

Daylesford is a place I keep on coming back to over and again. It was a favourite weekender for Mr BG and myself when we lived in Melbourne and we head there a few times a year to go to the Sunday market. Today I was by myself and it felt a bit…weird.

You see, I wasn’t part of a couple, which is the predominant combination in Daylesford. Whether it be boy/girl,  girl/girl or boy/boy, Daylesford is the Couple’s country capital. “Is it just you?” asked the waiter at the Convent Gallery. “Yep!” I replied, somewhat gleefully.

Being by myself meant I could poke around in as many places without worrying about the other people- were they bored? were they touching stuff they shouldn’t? If I wanted to do a U-turn in the main street of Creswick just to pop into their Salvos op shop (open Thursday and Friday 9-3), I could. And did!

China Doll

China Doll found in Creswick $5

Nonetheless, thoughts of other people weren’t far away. Quite a few of my finds were for the BG family, and there was a brief moment when visiting the Convent Gallery that I wished for someone to be there holding my hand.

It was eerie. With the entire town shrouded in a thick mist, my over-active imagination and tendency to over-think things, I felt uneasy being by myself in some of the spaces. It may also have something to do with the Ghost Tours which they have just started to run as well…

Convent Gallery

Convent Gallery in the Mist

Convent Gallery

Convent Gallery in the Mist

The moment passed, though and I continued on my merry way to the Mill Markets, which is like the Greville Street Bazaar on steroids. I picked up a couple of Agatha Christie short mysteries, and poked around their vintage clothing. There were some lovely furry hats which would have done well on a day like today, but I had places to go and little people to pick up from daycare.

Agatha Christie books

Bought Books, all Bargains!

Other highlights of the day included Purl’s Palace and Threadneedle, which were great to visit for crafty things, and the people were lovely!

My whistlestop tour of Creswick. I ended up down a side street and felt I had ended up on a movie set, which in fact I had! Creswick was where the miniseries Salem’s Lot was filmed, starring the fallen Brat Pack idol Rob Lowe (*sigh*).

Coming home to a red wine and beef casserole that had been cooking in the slow cooker- smelt incredible and tasted wonderful with a glass of Chalk Hill Barbera.

There were a couple of places I would have liked to visit, if only they hadn’t been closed due to unforseen circumstances. But they can wait for another day :).

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