We have a woman prime minister! She’s Victorian! And I’m fully prepared to overlook the fact she’s a Bulldogs supporter. I only hope that Julia Gillard will be able to be known more for her gender.

This is my favourite memory of Kevin.If he can remembered for anything it should be this…

My morning was immersed in getting kids dressed and ready for kinder and doing the weekly shop, and it was only for watching last night’s breaking news on ABC that I knew there would be a #spill this morning. Master BG was mightily cheesed off that his morning TV was rudely interrupted by news, and Miss BG was unimpressed that I had the radio on in the car tuned to ABC Melbourne while heading off to the supermarket.

Had I been at work, my day would have been full of checking twitter feeds religiously, and eagerly discussing the news with colleagues. However life goes on and I have to go back to the supermarket to get the dishwashing detergent I forgot.


2 thoughts on “Changes

  1. I laughed as I read about the dishwashing detergent….. I must confess that I have done little today other than tweet, retweet, read tweets and watch the 2 press conferences…

    Oh look! It’s lunchtime!

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