What more can a poor boy do?

I occasionally get the eye-roll and the exasperated “Muuum” when I do something embarassing in front of Master BG.

Tonight however, all he wants are cuddles. He’s currently on my lap as I type one-handed. He’s sick with a bout of gastro that came  upon him suddenly after kinder. His end of term concert and art exhibition is tomorrow and we won’t be attending.

He hates being sick, so this video is for him. I hope you feel better, possum.


4 thoughts on “What more can a poor boy do?

  1. Oh, I secretly like it when they are sick…but not toooo sick…they love their mums even more! Hopefully today will be full of cuddles and rest.

    • Actually he was calculating all the extra cuddles and special food he was going to get by being sick! So no, he’s not too sick, but he’s still wanting to climb onto my lap which is nice 🙂

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