My happiness

The BG household has decreed it to be a lazy Sunday. Lunch has just been finished, tasks are being done in a leisurely fashion and the kids are still in their pyjamas and loving the novelty.

Thank you Ruth for this meme

  • Sleeping  for 7 hours straight without being woken up by children or husband. It happened this morning and I can’t remember the last time it happened!
  • Finding money in a pocket you had forgotten about
  • Lindt chocolate
  • Hot chips, freshly made from the fish and chip shop
  • Roast lamb with roast potatoes
  • Apple and rhubarb crumble
  • A nice cup of tea, made for me
  • The smell of fresh bread
  • The smell of woodsmoke
  • Sound of rain on the roof when you’re snuggled up in warm toasty bed
  • The end of a bootcamp session, when you’re dirty, tired and ache all over, but your cheeks are flushed with the crisp fresh air and the exercise
  • My body that is fit and healthy
  • Early mornings when you’re the only person up
  • People reading my blog and making nice comments
  • Gin and tonic (Bombay Sapphire or Tanqueray preferred) on a hot summer’s day
  • My ‘me holiday’
  • Kisses and cuddles from my children
  • Marvelling at how my children are growing into wonderful people
  • Op shopping
  • Reading (actually reading is like breathing, I can’t not read)
  • Music (wide and varied)
  • Empty plates indicating that every scrap of food I’ve prepared has been eaten
  • my lovely friends who make me laugh
  • Mr BG
  • sex

I have a lot to be happy about 🙂

I must get those children into some clothes…


7 thoughts on “My happiness

  1. A wonderful list… replace gin with vodka and my list would be very similar except my children are grown :o) Oh and I have my own Mr!

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  3. Hello BookGRRL, i truly love this idea to make that kind of list to remind us we forget to focus attention on stuff that we consider like basic but that is great to have. Sleep, Wealth ,Health , Food , Kids , Love ==Sexe.
    But instead as man we have always think about:
    -the nice ferrari we will never have
    -the 4 women we should not have
    -the salary of the sister’s husband
    -the few castles we should own
    …..i could make a more accurate listbut i would be outta subject too long :::)))
    Keep going with your blog , i discovered it while using my blog , your blog was present in suggestion at bottom of my blog with their tool. The surprise is worth it .

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