Second hand Rose

Day 2 of my ‘me holiday’ saw me traipsing in Brunswick and Fitzroy looking for op shop and vintage bargains. I used to hate the fact when I was a teenager, that my mum would op shop (she has volunteered on and off over the years for Vinnies). Now it’s a case of ‘Oooh! Op shop!’ whenever I’m in a new town, or place.

Highlights of my day included

Savers– great array of clothing in good nick, and the most amazing selection of bags in all shapes, sizes and colours. Scored a little straw tote for Miss BG for $2.99.

Miss BG-sized tote

I also found a man’s shirt for myself to wear with jeans. I loved the retro pattern 🙂

My new man's shirt

Poppet– In Scotchmer Street, North Fitzroy which in itself is a lovely place to visit. I bought a navy top which would look great with gray or red pants, preferably capris.

T2 in Brunswick Street, which I dropped into on my way to Hunter Gatherer. and glad I stopped by. They had a sale on teapots and I got a little one for $10.00. Of course I had to get some tea to go with it…

Teapot from T2

Lunch at Nihonbashi Zen– a little restaurant tucked away in a basement in Chinatown near Russell Street. I’ve walked past it heaps of times and had a lovely time there.

My next days off next week will be spent a little closer to home, but should be just as delightful…


6 thoughts on “Second hand Rose

  1. I LOVE OP SHOPPING! I don’t care what they say but I totally love visiting op shops whenever I go, next time you come to Perth, email me and I will let know the best ones in town!!

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