When the going gets tough, the tough crochet

It’s the first day of my ‘me holiday’, and I’m off to Melbourne for a day of learning to crochet. I feel it’s well deserved after my busy day yesterday.

Yesterday I

  • paid bills online (love the Internet!)
  • paid for Mr BG’s present on eBay (it’s a guitar pedal, but shhh, don’t tell anyone!)
  • did two loads of washing (love my front-loader)
  • made a yummy lamb casserole in the slow cooker (never got around to the dahl though, but love my slow cooker)
  • got an electrician to come around and fix the light in the bedroom (he arrived early and fixed it promptly, and will definitely use him again!)
  • disposed of Miss BG’s cot mattress (that’s $23 I’m never going to see again)
  • organised a service for the big car and the windscreen to be replaced on the little car (Allianz were very nice)
  • visited the post office twice to post parcels and discuss a slight hiccup with passport applications (guarantor listed the wrong address which needs to be redone)
  • contacted a doll repairer for an old porcelain doll (love Yellowpages)
  • found out information about converting some old VHS recordings of Mr BG’s performances as an international indiepop star to DVD
  • and blogged!

And that’s on top of the usual parenting stuff of diplomat, chef, personal valet and nose wiper.


5 thoughts on “When the going gets tough, the tough crochet

  1. Yep, that’s a pretty busy day alright!

    Let me know if you’d like a recommendation for your antique doll repair – my Mum was in the business/hobby for many years and knows lots of people (and their reputations).

    And I hope you have a great day in crochet class! Looking forward to checking out your handiwork! 🙂

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