Snow in Sussex Street

Snow in Sussex Street

Ballarat has a (justified) reputation for being cold, yet people still live here and have even moved here from the relative warmer climes of Melbourne voluntarily. Yep, I’m one of them…
Here is a quick guide to those wishing to keep warm in this wonderful city.

1. Dress in layers. A coat becomes your second skin when going outside, and when going inside, quickly exhanged for a cardigan (yes, I have a wide selection and fully embrace the librarian image!).  long sleeved tshirt, usually with a short tee on top. I will also confess to wearing a singlet- it sounds daggy, but I’m trying to lead by example with the kids, who wear theirs. And who said singlets had to be white cotton anyway?
2. Accessories- hat, scarf, gloves occasionally. My hat is my best friend as it covers my unbrushed hair when making the kinder dash in the morning, and shelters my ears from the wind. I love my scarves, and my favouriteis a red woollen one my mother-in-law knitted for me for my birthday. Gloves are slightly problematic with kid-wrangling- I really, really need a nice pair of leather gloves. From Florence :).

3. Heating- one of the prerequisites for me moving to Ballarat was central heating. None of this ‘heating in a central location’ spiel from the real estate agents for me- I wanted to see vents! I grew up in an old house which had fireplaces and pot belly stoves as heating. They’re lovely to look at, but then you have to go to bed in an icebox of a room, and I didn’t want to do that.

4. Hot food- soups, casseroles and crumbles become part of the menu. I made a yummy Thai pumpkin soup, using up half a pumpkin my sisiter in law gave us on last weekend’s trip to South Gippsland. A visit to the farmer’s market this morning resulted in a bunch of leeks which will end up in leek and potato soup this afternoon. Which will be matched with an apple and rhubarb crumble!

5. Hot Drinks- tea, loose-leaf or lemon and ginger- bliss!

6. Dash of insanity. I’ll be honest, you have to be slightly mad to live here in winter. You definitely have to be mad to live here in winter and do bootcamp in winter, in mud, ice, drizzle and subzero temperatures. At least I wear gloves for that, as pushups on gravel is murder on the hands…


8 thoughts on “Brrr!

  1. Aah the memories. I did cross country every winter as my school sport. Mud, mud, mud up and down hills, handily washed off by the bone chilling rain, drizzle and occasionally hail. If I did that now I’d get pneumonia, back then not even a cold!

    • People from Ballarat are a hardy breed, Ruth! I’ve found exercise has improved my immune system, but the key is not to overdo it.

  2. bookgrrl – you forgot one very important item…..

    Boots – boots and many more pairs of boots. Preferably knee high but anklet are good too.

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