We are worthy

Sue’s insightful post on blogging got people thinking in a very good way about the nature of what they blog about and why they blog.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote the my blog is my soapbox. If there is an issue about which I’m interested, I will comment. I will comment in a general sense about work, but I try to be diplomatic about it. I have not said where I work, but it wouldn’t be too hard to find out.

I know my boss reads it from time to time, which can be a restraint on letting fly. There are times when my place of work (or MPOW- thank you @flexnib for that!) gives me the absolute shits, but I realise that is in part because the library is part of a much larger organisation, and we have little/no control over our destiny.

There are staff members who do/have blogged, but it’s not really mentioned or discussed.While there has been an emphasis in the past couple of years on professional development for staff, it took a while to convince the library manager of the need to make people aware of Flickr and Twitter; it was only because our clients were using them, that they became part of the professional development program.

There are times I fear that librarians in special libraries are so focussed on their clients that they forget they are part of a greater professional association of librarians.

My time on my soapbox is up. I have two loads of washing to get dry, and a little girl to play with.

Last word are: you are worthy. If you have an opinion, say it. People will listen.


2 thoughts on “We are worthy

  1. and I think it comes down to…never say online what you wouldn’t say face to face. I guess the other side is…do our organisations have social media guidelines? Mine doesn’t.
    But, my blog- my thoughts, opionions, expressions (although I nearly always blog about the personal- that’s just where I’m at…)

  2. I totally understand wondering if what you have to say is going to be of interest or use to anyone else. However, as practitioners of course we have something worthwhile to say – our experiences are unique to ourselves and are worthy putting out there as part of the debate or discussion šŸ™‚

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