I call on you my friend

Yesterday I caught up with V, whom I have known since 1985, which would make it 25 years (eek!). She came into the city with her little boy who’s nearly 18 months, and we caught up with news on family, work, partners and kids.

Our friendship has evolved from single girls at uni, to coupledom, marriage, divorce, partnering and family making. She’s a constant friend in a shifting world.

And in other news…family Bookgrrl are off on a semi-annual roadtrip to South Gippsland this weekend, to catch up with my adorable in-laws and attend an MS fundraiser walk in support of a family friend who is an MS sufferer. Bags are packed, clothes laid out and all that needs to be done is toothbrushes packed and the blog posted- and it has!

Have a lovely weekend and see you tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “I call on you my friend

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