sunshine of your love

A rough night with Miss BG resulted in a game of musical beds. As a result no-one got the best night’s sleep and my usually sunny morning persona (*cough! cough!*) was replaced with the Grouch. Any attempts to mollify me are met with either a stony silence or a bark. It is also advisable to respect my personal space, which seems to expand to about 10 metres or so…

A walk around the Lake (with the frost still apparent on the lake bed) has somewhat restored some of my good humour, with Miss BG in the pram. It took slightly longer than the usual brisk walk/run, and we did have to stop for a few swings along the way, but the morning sun and fresh air did us both the world of good.

By nature, I’m an indoor person and winters in Ballarat see me want to retreat even further into my cosy cave. But I know I’ll feel better after exercise. And it seems criminal not to get out on a crisp winter day!


13 thoughts on “sunshine of your love

  1. I know how you feel getting off to the gym at 6 am in the frosty, cold morning is a challenge but I do like the shiny halo of virtue above my head when I leave…

    • so do I- the first words out of my daughter’s mouth in the morning are “have you been to the gym mummy?”

  2. it’s just getting out isn’t it? I’m sure it did you both the world of good (and I can picture where you went, although I’ve not been all around that lake).
    BTW- your blog header- is that your place?

    • That is my blog header- it’s weird that the posts aren’t showing up on your netvibes page…
      Am feeling tired, but more a happy tired than angry tired now!

  3. Oh, it was frosty this morning. I did a lap on Monday and my calves are still aching. Great distance though cause once you get half way you can’t turn back…

  4. I know it’s not quite the same thing, but I can empathise on the nights of disturbed sleep due to a small creature in the bed. Our cat is determined to sleep between my partner and I on cold nights, so we both lose bed space, doona cover, human warmth and the ability to roll over without getting tangled up in sheets or squishing the cat *sigh*

    Oh dear, I’m a crazy cat lady, aren’t I?

  5. I love that area around Ballarat I spent every school holiday at my grandma’s farm which used to be at Waubra & much of my extended family still live in the area. I hope you got a better nights sleep last night.

    • Longjohns are good as are lots of layers and accessories :). Am escaping to Gippsland for the weekend to visit inlaws though!

      • Did the layered look but it wasn’t too cold! Didn’t pour with rain until I came back to Melbourne … Mum always has lots of outdoors jobs to do so that helps keep me warm.

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