Summer sings in me no more

Winter is now fully ensconced in Ballarat. Actually, it’s been fully ensconced for the past three weeks, but it’s June now, which officially marks the beginning of winter.

There have been some changes to my commute routine. I get up a few minutes earlier just in case I need to scrape frost from the car. This also allows some extra time to wait in the queue at the railway station for my paper, made longer by the fact more people are requesting coffees to wake themselves up and to keep their hands from freezing whilst waiting for the train.

The bald men (bald? follically challenged? chrome domes? what my son is doomed to look like in 30 years’ time?) have now taken to wearing beanies. Accessorising in the form of gloves and scarves is no longer the domain of the female commuters, and there are quite a few preppy scarves which look quite fetching. You know it’s cold when a Ballarat male decides to accessorise :).

And then there is the trip to Melbourne, looking out into the inky blackness. You only have a vague idea as to where you are, mainly by your watch (if it’s 6:45, you’re nearly at Bacchus Marsh). It’s a quiet ride, with people either sleeping, reading, or working on their laptops- people  may be awake early, but they may not necessarily be ‘morning’ people.

Today, I lucked out. It wasn’t wet, and not too cold and I took the long way to work (get off at Melbourne Central and walk up the hill). The street lights and cars still had their lights on, but the city was beginning to wake up. It’s my favourite part of the day, as you can stop  and check out little stores you would otherwise walk past on your lunchbreak. This morning I walked along Crossley Street, between Bourke and Little Bourke, where there is a tailor, a restaurant that I want to have a looong lunch in, and a couple of fashion shops, including a vintage fashion shop which had the most gorgeous little red handbag. Definitely a return visit!

PS My decision to blog for every day in June has evolved with many people in the library world deciding to take on the challenge. @Sally has created a list on her blog of the people who are undertaking the challenge. Some are librarians who blog about libraries, others are librarians who simply blog. I’m looking forward to seeing where this takes us all!


4 thoughts on “Summer sings in me no more

  1. Frost?! Eeeek! (I am a wuss when it comes to cold cold.)

    And beanies? Sometimes I wish that hats were in fashion again. Especially for men.

  2. brrr.. yeah it’s cooling off for sure. I don’t mind the cold so much but getting up in the dark is not appealing. Mind you, getting out of bed in the morning is not my forte anyway!

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