holiday! celebrate!

With the hullaballoo of uni and work, plus the fact I have excess leave has decided my hand- I am taking a couple of weeks off work. Mind you, a couple of weeks mean FOUR DAYS, four glorious days or doing bookgrrl stuff. Four wonderful days of learning how to crochet (thank you CAE), going for a spa treatment,  and op-shopping in Ballarat, Daylesford and Melbourne. I may veg out and watch a bookgrrl DVD (in my brother’s words- SUBTITLES), and given the time of year, a day of pruning the roses.

If that sounds jam-packed, it probably is. It is a rare treat to be truly alone. Grocery shopping, or going for a haircut is generally rushed, because I know big and little people are at home waiting for me. The same also applies for the gym, as I know Mr BG has to get to work so I can’t stay too long.

I like my own company. I love catching up with friends, for coffee, lunch, dinner, or simply just to hang out, but there are times when the need for solitude takes over.

So while I have these treats in store for myself, I am celebrating a year of my blog with you. For the mad month of June, I will post EVERY DAY. It’s there in black and white and I will make sure I won’t renege- despite my break and also despite the fact I’ll be in South Gippsland this weekend and access to a PC will be somewhat limited…

14 thoughts on “holiday! celebrate!

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  2. Bravo bookgrrl
    I wonder if I can match your self-challenge. I tend to belabour my posts so much more stay as drafts than get posted.
    I hope you enjoy a wonderful break.
    Oh and give me a hoy if you do get to Ballarat and might have time for a coffee.

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