My word!

If you looked up a dictionary term of this word, you may see a picture of me waving at you!

My procrastination is selective- I do pay bills on time and RSVP before the due date. It is primarily focused on the kinder run (I swear the entire street knows me by my yelling, “hurry up! We’re late!”) and of course assignment writing.

My final assignment is due and I have been working on it- I promise. I have driven Mr BG spare with my panic attacks over the last few years of my Masters, when I leave things until the very last minute. Of course I have every excuse under the sun- my parents visited, I had to take Miss BG to the hospital (both of which happened the last time- Miss BG had croup), but the biggest reason is I put it off.

Working on a group assignment last year practically killed me- as part of a team, I was having to submit stuff regularly and finalise assignment a couple of days before it was due. Never mind the whole submitting it with a half hour to spare business for which I am famous.

When I was an undergraduate, we had to submit assignments in hard copy. Friday was traditionally the due date, but we quickly cottoned on to the fact that if we submitted the assignment before 9am Monday it would be date-stamped with Friday’s date. I have memories of working on essays until 2am, getting a couple of hours sleep before taking the train from Geelong to Melbourne to hand in my assignment, then falling asleep on the train back.

We all have delaying tactics to avoid getting stuff done- @MaggieA makes toast and tweets. I play endless games of solitaire and read tweets, and facebook incessantly. I can now add blogging to the list…

Before social networking, it was much worse of course- I used to clean. I used to write my assignments on the dining room table at home (pre-PC, it was either in long-hand or a typewriter- now you know I am OLD). There, on the sideboard, was my mum’s collection of silver teapots given to her by her mother and to be given to the first daughter who had children(that now means me-brilliant). Essay time was the only time my mum’s silver was polished, as it was the only time I would glance away from the task at hand and muse “hmmm, it looks a bit tarnished- I think I’ll clean it…”.

Anyway back to the grindstone for me. See you on the other side where there will be a treat in store for you lovely readers!


7 thoughts on “My word!

  1. Enjoyed reading your post whilst I too was procrastinating from my study. So far it has taken me all day to read 13 pages, and apparently I have been studying all day! Where did that time go?

  2. Hey! I thought I heard someone screaming at the kids to hurry up! oh wait, no that was me!!!

    ……..And yes, procrastinating is exactly what I’m doing now-beats the bookwork……….

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