Reading is…

Reading is sexy and here are some Hot guys reading books– it makes you want to slide up to them, pluck the book out of their hands and kiss them- no wait, that’s probably just me…Well perhaps just to strike up a conversation 🙂

And please- note the word ‘books’. Hot guys reading the paper or hot guys reading FHM  IMHO is OUT. A Book can make a man look more intellectual, just as long as it’s not about footballers…

Reading is social. The act of reading can be a solitary act, but the love for books and for a particular book can bring people together. The 50th anniversary of the publication of To kill a mockingbird is being commemorated this year and a series of celebrations are occurring for one of my favourite books, including readings and re-enactments of the book.

Reading is an act of love. Miss BG has finally graduated to a big bed this week and one of the highlights is reading to her in bed. Reading on the couch was nice, but seeing her in her big bed surrounded by her dollies makes me realise she is growing up. Now only if I can get her to STAY in the bed…

And once he goes to school, my little boy will be reading to ME, and is a day I am so looking forward to!

I also read to Mr BG, though it’s usually amusing snippets from the paper. Meanwhile, at the moment, noone reads to me- it would be nice, but as I have a musician for a husband, I get serenaded. That’s not too bad :).


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