bookgrrl’s manifesto

One of the reasons why I started this blog was I had something to say, and PS had suggested at lunch “you should start a blog”. By 4pm I had signed up and completed my first post. I can procrastinate with the best of them, but once my mind is set to something, it will get done.

That was a year ago. My blog is a year old- huzzah!

Why my name bookgrrl? It wasn’t my first choice. There were other names I would have preferred, but they had already been taken by other librarians who had taken to blogging with gusto with the 23 things project, then promptly abandoned said blog when the project had finished. This makes me question the whole purpose of getting librarians to undertake these activities that they have no patent interest in whatsoever, but that’s another story.

Bookgrrl is bookish, but was also a reference to the grrl music I knew and loved in the early 90s. I can sometimes be loud and angry and grumpy and the grr appealed to me!

My blog has been my soapbox. I think initially, it was to be more about libraries, and I remember thinking I wouldn’t mention my family, and keep it professional. Yet they started creeping in, as did other interests such as music, my studies, my hobbies and my friends…

It is always nice to see other bloggers display a human side in their professional blogs. I recently started reading Livia Labate’s blog on Information Architecture, because she posted of her love for Concrete Blonde, which I adored 20 years ago.Another good blog is The World’s Strongest Librarian, which deals with the personal and the professional, and is incredibly inspiring.

Looking at my tags, I like to talk about

  • my children- they’re a joy, incredibly funny and are such wonderful little people. They are also exhausting, demanding and noisy. I can imagine life without them- quieter, less sleep-deprived, less laughter, and somewhat emptier.
  • being a librarian- I love my job. It’s part of who I am, and I love the concept of information being free for all. I love my little people to bits, but there are times when I want to be more than just a mum. Getting out of the house reminds me that I am an individual with an intellect. At the same time though, I am more than a librarian, which is what I want my blog to show.
  • my friends- they’re another joy, who make me laugh when I’m feeling grumpy, who listen, send me songs, photos, stories and books.
  • Ballarat-  I have lived here for six years and I am still discovering its hidden treasures. I love walks around the lake, golden leafy streets, and being able to walk to the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker supermarket. I am not so fussed about the cold weather, and I feel like an outsider sometimes, because my family haven’t lived here for three generations, but it’s my home.
  • Melbourne- is my ‘bit on the side’ to which I escape. I probably do view it through rose-tinted glasses, but I don’t really care!

So basically, I won’t be ‘on message’, or be exclusively this or that. I’ll simply be me, bookgrrl, or Steph.



4 thoughts on “bookgrrl’s manifesto

  1. I know exactly what you mean! If I could only write about professional issues, or about a particular field of interest, well, there would be no point in me having a blog as I would lose interest almost immediately. It feels more natural to write about whatever you’re thinking about at the time.

    I like reading blogs that reflect the personality of the writer and their many interests. And I *love* reading yours, bookgrrl! 🙂

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