Fade to grey

Yesterday was a grey day.

Grey days can mean grey moods, but I made a concerted effort to remain as sunny as possible with the following remedies…

  • Reading the Princess Bride, a loaner from @sallysetsforth. It’s very similar to the movie, which is one of my all-time favourites.
  • An  espresso at Mr Tulk, followed by brisk walk to work. A heart-starter and fresh air can definitely lift any mood!
  • The Lucksmiths on my iPod, which are always light enough to banish any grey thoughts away 🙂
  • Window shopping and finding the perfect coat at Anna Thomas– a beautiful green, which would go with everything black in my wardrobe, which is pretty much everything. Only problem is cost…
  • Checking out HaikugirlOz’s tattoos on Twitter, which is quite inspiring to librarians aspiring to ink (ie me- but still in two minds)
  • Another walk in the fresh air at lunchtime via Morris and Sons and picked up some lovely red yarn
  • A Haigh’s chocolate frog from my boss and dark Lindt chocolate from my mate SR- ahh chocolate the ultimate mood-lifter…

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