Look out weekend, cause here I come

I am looking forward to having yet another reason to go boots shopping- preferably with my favourite stylist and boot fanatic Ms S. Unfortunately it won’t be THIS weekend as it is looking slightly jam-packed.

Apart from the usual rigmarole of gym, swimming for Master BG, and family frivolities I will be:

Dining with my mum’s group as a joint celebration for our birthdays. We will be going to Da Uday, Ballarat’s Indian/Thai/Italian restaurant. I’m thinking this would be great for those who can never decide which cuisine. I have never been, so it will be interesting.*

Maeve MagazineFinally reading Maeve an online magazine which will be launched May 1. I have been following its prgression via Twitter and Facebook and will be really excited to see the results from a wonderful bunch of women!

Attending the Clunes Booktown on Sunday with the kids and Master BG who will be attending in his capacity as uber-librarian. I will attending in my capacity as supportive wife, curious bibliophile and library nerd.

Writing a 1500 page assignment on an heuristic evaluation of a university website for uni. I know that sounds scintillating, but it’s amazing what you can do under pressure and with a steady supply of Tim Tams, nutritious food.

*The menu was extensive and affordable. The wine list was affordable but not extensive. The company was lovely and it was a good night out, but I won’t be going back there in a hurry.

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