I’m loving angels instead

I’m just home from the hospital with Miss BG. She woke up at 9pm with a croupy cough, had difficulty breathing and was quite distressed.

The Emergency staff at the Base Hospital were fantastic and we were seen immediately. Dr Nguyen managed to coax a  little smile out of a sick little girl- she even let him check her throat and ears which she hates anyone doing.

This reminded me that angels come in all shapes and sizes. The midwives who helped me give birth to my kids would fall into that category. They were fantastic women who were caring, funny and incredibly good at their job.

They can be the friend that rings out of the blue and offers to take the kids for a couple of hours so you can do an assignment (which happened today!).

They can be an ex-RACV mechanic who is travelling on a country road during a rainstorm and stops to help a girl whose car engine cut out due to the rain and drives her to the nearest garage to get a can of WD-40, drives her back and shows her what to do. Since then, I have always kept a can in the car, just in case.

Or they can be the people, who, when you tell them how old you are they exclaim, “You don’t look it, you look much younger!” (Well they may be liars, not angels…)

They are those people who help when you are at your lowest ebb, and when you least expect it. The only way to repay is to try and be an angel to someone else who is in need.


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