If we took a holiday…

I mentioned recently a guilty pleasure in Duran Duran. I neglected to say the pleasure does extend to a few more bands of the 1980s that would have featured prominently in my then-Bible Smash Hits. I was lucky to get to see Spandau Ballet and Tears for Fears on Wednesday night, stay the night in Melbourne and have the kids looked after by my parents.

Both bands looked older, balder, and paunchier, but then so did their audience :). There were a few perms and teased hair,  and some ruffled shirts amongst the audience, as well as some sporting t-shirts from the last time they played in Melbourne 25 years ago.

Both bands were slick, but their sets could have done with some editing- (the words we don’t want to hear at a reunion show is “here’s a new song from our forthcoming album”). From Tears for Fears, I would have liked to hear a fuller version of “Mad World“, which was one of my favourites.

Spandau Ballet’s highlights were Round and Round, which included a montage of footage from their early days, True went down very well with the audience, as did their last song of the night Gold.

Best bits of the time away included

  • shopping at Muff , OTC, and The Cat’s Meow– downside included having Mr BG around so I was somewhat hampered by what I could buy…
  • having a long bath before heading out- absolute bliss!
  • catching up with our friends whom we hadn’t seen for months before the show, all of whom were 80s tragics
  • strolling back to the hotel after the show, enjoying the unseasonably mild night.
  • having Miss BG run up to me  yelling “Mummy!” and give me a big hug and kiss when we returned to pick the kids up.

It ended all too soon for the kids, but I’m sure another holiday could be arranged…


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