Simply Red

I love autumn.

Today is one of those glorious autumn Ballarat days that are warm and sunny, with a hint of a breeze. It’s a surprise day- people from out of town are surprised that Ballarat can have great weather, and locals are surprised that after a cold spell, you can still have a warm day. In April.

What makes it all the more fun is the colour. The silver birch trees in our garden are beginning to turn, the elms in the street are beginning to drop their leaves and occasionally there is a flash of red, made all the more vivid by the blueness of the sky. In the sunshine, as you’re walking down the street with the leaves crunching underfoot, all you want to do is smile, and skip.

I love red.

I’ve blogged before about colours in my world, but red is my ” favourite and my best” (to paraphrase a little girl). When I put on my vivid red lipstick, not only do I feel ready to take on the world, but I feel the world sits up and takes notice of me. Well it is a bit bold :).

There are a couple of female writers who are wearing red lippy for a month and blogging about their experience. The upside seems to be males are attracted to the lure of a luscious mouth- the downside is the smeared lipstick after a kiss! Hmm…definitely been there!


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