The defence rests

I just noticed reading my last post getting quite defensive about my reading Jodi Picoult. Yes it’s a guilty pleasure, made more guilty by the fact that I ought to be studying rather than reading, or blogging for that matter. Other guilty pleasures include

  • Duran Duran-well 80’s music in general, but these guys hold a very special place in my heart. My eternal dilemma is ‘Simon or John?’
  • watching Collectors– it’s daggy, but a nice way to chill out on a Friday night
  • buying lipstick- the search for the perfect shade continues. The Avon lady has just started calling again and I am trying not to go crazy…

Other things which I get defensive about

  • living in Ballarat- yes, I know it’s cold. Yes, I know it’s far away from Melbourne. Yes, I know it’s not the best place to go shopping. Yes, I know people in Ballarat spend a lot of time worrying about an empty lake. It’s also where I can walk to the shops, post office and cafes, where I can send my kids to good local schools, and where I live in a nice house in a nice street. There are also lots of incredibly nice, friendly people who live here, whom I feel lucky to know.
  • my kids.  They can be maddening, tiring and have a terrible taste in TV (Ben 10 and the Fairies come to mind). They may wish to go to the playground and play for hours on end, ask endless questions and seem to want nothing more than toasted cheese sandwiches or fish fingers. But they love the sensation of flying through the air when on a swing, finding red leaves fascinating or getting excited about looking at pictures of themselves on the computer. They also have a special wonder and seeing the world in a way you occasionally glimpse at.  I like spending time with these little people with their own personalities and wondering how they will turn out. I don’t like people making flippant remarks about them or my activities with them- that’s my job.
  • my domestic skills- well this is more of a sometimes, and mainly with my mum. There is dust in my house, and the floor does not get vacuumed weekly. Stuff can pile up, especially unsorted laundry and bills. I may not be a domestic goddess in that regard, but we’re happy.

So if you see my hackles rise, you’ll know why. Now I’m off to listen to Rio…

2 thoughts on “The defence rests

  1. ahhh, beautiful Ballarat, I hear what you say, kind neighbour, thank goodness for the fast train and Melbourne shopping! A beach would be a bonus, we do get warm to hot sunny days and right on about the lovely street, and what is that noise – oh the church bells-Wednesday evening practice (it does grow on you!)
    YAY for the Collectors –
    I preferred ‘A Flock of Seagulls’ although Simon le Bon was quite dishy
    Grrreat LIPPY at Simply D’Vine in Sturt Street-shea butter based, and, I was informed, gluten free-which may or may not be useful info?!!
    Nice to see you and the gorgeous kids last week, I’m still gobsmacked to think I’ve been reading your blog and all this time – it was my lovely neighbour over the road, and you know my other lovely friend – Kate V!
    Is a book group out of the question? i know of some very keen and interesting booky types new to town via Melb if you get time!!! xx

    • I would never say no to a book club- sounds like a great idea! And another place to get lippy is always good to know 🙂
      And I did forget about the church bells too, which gives the street a villagey feel.

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