Bookgrrl’s FAQ

What did you do on the weekend?

The circus was in town and we took the kids to a matinee on the Saturday. They had never been before and the only time I had ever been was as a seven year old.

It’s probably not everybody’s choice of activity and I am fully aware of the moral issues surrounding performing animals. The majority of the circus performance was based on the skill, dexterity  and strength of very talented artists.

There were no performing lions or tigers or elephants, but ducks, ponies and cows (had to be seen to be believed!). The gymnasts and clowns enthralled the kids, and while Mr BG was captivated by the flexibility of the female gymnasts, the upper body strength of one male performer impressed me. Such muscles…

Sunday saw us attend the long-awaited engagement party of @jenelle and @travelerbill who arrived from New York the day before. We were there 20 minutes. Master and Miss BG saw fit to act like a couple of clowns and before you could say ‘Don’t try this at home’ there were tears. It was lovely to see Jenelle and give her a big hug though!

How is Miss BG’s toilet training going?

Currently in hiatus. While my little girl is keen to not wear her nappy, she is less keen to use the array of facilities available to her. A couple of days after cleaning up all sorts of messes have resulted in the decision to wait until she has more sense and I have more patience.

What am I reading at the moment?

I should be saying my textbooks for uni, but it’s actually the latest Jodi Picoult House Rules. I know she writes to a formula (troubled teen, a crime committed or situation which requires a courtroom confrontation, a handsome detective and attractive mother/lawyer/judge), but I like them.

Besides, it would be rude NOT to read it as a) it was bought by the collections librarian at my request and b) there is a Jodi Picoult book club at work. The club may be just the two of us, but it’s a club and we get together to discuss it at morning tea. So there.


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