Super Trooper

If you could have super powers, what would they be? I started to think about it after a brief Twitter conversation with @teaandjamphotos, and these were a couple.

The ability to simply think about laundry and it would be done- which includes the washing, hanging, sorting and folding. I’m not worrying about ironing because that’s Mr BG’s domain, not mine!

I want to fly- I do it in my dreams often enough and love that feeling of utter freedom. Just imagine saying ‘I flew home’ and it were actually true.

A built-in bullsh**t detector, or at least a more fine-tuned one. It could be used to detect just exactly which child was telling the truth regarding the drawing on the wall, or who hit whom, or those people who say they will call, or email you and the NEVER do; you know the important stuff of life :).

What would your super powers be? You can have three (as decreed by @teaandjamphotos).


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