(My) Sunny Afternoon

My Easter treat was to brave the crowds at Daylesford and go to the Maker’s Market today. It was one of those things on my mental to-do list (which also includes a night on the town with the lovely Ms S, learning how to crochet, finish my Masters and have a day off from life to do whatever I want).

The Town Hall was buzzing, and the stalls were chock a block full of beautiful crafty goodies.
I picked up the latest Thaw magazine, made in Ballarat, which is the perfect size for a handbag, a silver pendant that I plan to pop on a ribbon, or silver necklace, and a mini cosmetic bag from Missy Mao Mao that will stay in my handbag and carry essentials such as lipstick, compact and $5 for that emergency coffee.

I could have bought much more, but the natives were getting restless, and we adjourned for a picnic lunch and play down at the Lake. We sat on our usual seat, and fed the ducks. Unfortunately Master and Miss BG’s aims were not that good, so the ducks came closer and closer…to the point they were eating their sandwiches woth the legs firmly tucked up!

After our lunch we headed to Trentham for a look at their Art and Craft Show. I was also hoping to grab a coffee at the Red Beard Bakery and some yummy bread, but the place was packed :(. We meandered back home through the beautiful forest and once again braved the traffic snarl that is Daylesford on the weekend!

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