Happy Birthday

It has been a week since the big event and it is only now IU can tell the story, owing to the backlog of blogs.

Master BG got the birthday he wanted, with his best friends from kinder, the friends he has known since he was  9 weeks old, with heaps of party food and red cordial (I’m a traditionalist!).

We had it at the big playground up at the Lake, which was perfect for kids to run and play and be as loud as they wanted to. And 5 year old boys are very loud!

The weather caused me some consternation, and I was checking the ABC weather page every day. I woke up on the day of the party convinced it was raining- it was just a possum (I call him Bruce) on the roof.

The Cake was a masterpiece and impressed the kids and mums to no end. It was the number 5 done as a racing track with miniature cars. Heaps of butter icing and licorice straps, and appealed the those who love icing (ie the kids) and licorice (Mr BG). The lovely Ms S who was at the party asked if this was my turn at being a ‘domestic goddess’ (ha ha) and even my mum was amazed that I did it (she tends to have little faith in my domestic abilities, which will be discussed at length another time).

The kids loved the party bags filled with more lollies, noise makers (that break after 5 minutes, much to the mums’ relief) and lip smackers for the girls and bouncy balls for  the boys.

The ‘after party’ consisted of a cuppa for myself, Ms S and her husband Mr S and Mr BG, while our assorted children wreaked havoc in the kid’s  bedrooms.

A good day.


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