Has it been THAT long since my last post? Tsk, tsk, tsk…

Well I guess that’s what happens when Master BG has a 5th birthday extravaganza, which seemed to stretch on forever, a presentation for library staff on Web 2.0 on Monday, which caused a number of logistical headaches (the usual dropping kids off for a sleepover at grandparents’ place headache), and a dead slow internet connection, that happens at the end of the month when our broadband limit runs out.

As a result, I have a couple of half-completed posts, and some posts which I wrote WITH A PEN in a journal (I know! A paper diary! How retro is that?!).

All will be revealed soon, but for now a couple of tidbits to keep you amused đŸ™‚

Librarian’s Guide to Etiquette– slightly tongue-in-cheek, always entertaining

Another kindred spirit who acknowledges the sexiness of the librarian– in this case the male librarian. I know where she’s coming from, seeing as I’m married to one…

Zombie Survival Guide– A great use of the libguide application from the University of Florida in the event of a zombie infestation and you need to access the library remotely. Thanks to @KatieTT

A Provocative Statement about Libraries– actually quite nice really…

Young Learners need librarians, not just Google– another nice article about the value of librarians in an educational setting

How to make a Super Sultandwich

A I spend an inordinate of time here, so it makes sense to know Facebook Facts & Figures

All you wanted to know about the State of the Blogosphere

PS– a blogger who always has something to say about wine, cycling, tattoos and the stupidity of Stephen Conroy. Also a good friend.


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