Leaps and Bounds

My beautiful boy  turns five today. Sometimes it seems only yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital. Actually, we WALKED home has it was only a few hundred metres from the hospital and we were terrified of driving with our precious cargo in the car.

I remember just looking at him and marvelling at how perfect he was. I remember one night when  he had an ear infection  at 6 months and his screaming in pain when we tried to lay him down.

I remember his obession with Boohbah, The Wiggles and how his first favourite colour was pink, before it became green. I remember thinking what a genius he was when he started to walk.

I remember his being overwhelmed by a very friendly border collie when he was nearly two and  him saying ‘I say go away! I say stop!’ as he is being licked to death. I remember how his favourite toy in the whole wide world was his monkey, and how he still takes it to bed with him.

And now…

My beautiful boy can make his own breakfast, write his name, count to over 100, is fascinated by planets, dinosaurs and Vikings. He is looking forward to school, but most of all he is SO excited about turning 5, because then he will ‘almost know everything’!

The other day, he announced that he wants to have a tattoo of a guitar on his arm, like his dad, and when he becomes a dad, he wants to take his children to the library like his dad does. On Sunday morning, he wanted maple syrup on his pancakes, like his dad. He and his dad share bedtime storytime together. He still wants mum in the middle of the night when he wakes up with sore legs, the urge to do a wee, or nightmares, as well as for lots of cuddles so I’m not entirely forgotten :).

Happy birthday Sean.


3 thoughts on “Leaps and Bounds

  1. Beautiful post and happy birthday to you both! Your children’s birthdays are extremely precious when you’re a mum or dad. Both my children were born on a Saturday- and quite often on Saturday I’ll remember something about those momentous days. K

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