The thinker

I must admit, I do fantasise about getting a cleaner- someone to vacuum, dust, do my dishes, clean my kitchen, bathroom, oven and be a laundry fairy. And there is nothing quite so special as coming home after a day at work to a clean kitchen with dishes washed and dinner cooking. It HAS happened too!

I also fantasise about winning Tattslotto, moving back to Melbourne, living alone, living in Paris, writing full-time…but if you’re talking porn, well, …pictures of a hunky guy doing housework for me doesn’t cut it.

It’s partially the picture thing. A well built naked male body is a fine thing to view, but sometimes the models are a bit plastic- like Roger Moore in the 1960s or Rob Lowe in the 1980s.  And housework doesn’t put me in the mood at all!

Words, stories, vignettes are far more powerful than a picture, as it lets your imagination take over and fill in the gaps. But then what wouldn’t you expect from a librarian?

That’s not to say that physical aspects aren’t alluring. I look for a face with soft, full sensual lips, that you want to kiss you all over, eyes that not only light up when they first catch sight of you, but smoulder when they look directly at you, and a voice that can send shivers down your spine.

I find the inside of a man’s forearm incredibly sexy, particularly the inner wrist. I like looking at hands and imagining them touching me. I love the definition of a man’s hips, and the way they narrow down.

Basically it’s all in my head!


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