Baby, baby

Apart from a stint in retail when I was at uni, I have never worked for big business. My job, as a librarian in the public sector,  is stable and safe. I also enjoy benefits such as the ability to take paid maternity leave (when I had my children, it was 13 weeks), unpaid leave, and the ability to return to work in a part-time capacity until my children were at school.

The concept of 6 months paid parental leave by Tony Abbott was interesting and has provoked a huge debate. My local paper ran an article with comments from a mother of a 3 month old baby.

The comments to the article however were quite a depressing read.

In answer to a couple of the more choice comments

  • I think you meant spayed rather than spaded (when you suggested that a prospective female employee say this in an interview)- or perhaps sterilised? Last time I checked women weren’t dogs
  • I’d like to have 6 months off work paid too! Do you think being available around the clock 24/7 to be responsible  for the physical and emotional well-being of another human being, plus the associated tasks (ie a shitload of laundry) is time OFF?
  • Actually a lot of people do put savings aside for their time off, but not all can afford to. We put money aside for both sets of maternity leave, both 12 months apiece
  • Last time I checked our income tax goes to funding schools,  universities, hospitals, not to mention subsidising those with private health insurance, private school fees. And yet you quibble about money going to assist little people who will grow up and become tax payers and will ultimately fund your pension and extensive stays in hospital…

It gets tiring reading such selfish,  misogynistic diatribes from ignoramuses who can’t spell. It’s almost enough to drive a girl to drink, or at least hit the chocolate.


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