Hear me roar

Someone I know posted a visual wishlist of her perfect kitchen appliances to go in the kitchen of her dreams. The Smeg dishwasher, fridge, pitstachio green mixmaster and the aga cooker looked gorgeous.

I’m no domestic goddess and I would prefer to have someone cook for me (and clean and especially do the laundry), so my wishlist, in celebration of International Women’s Day includes

  • For the Victorian Honour Roll of Women, which inducted 20 women, including the Nobel Laureate Prof Elizabeth Blackburn to be more prominently featured than an advertisement on page 9 of Friday’s Age, below the fold.
  • For the pay gap between men and women to disappear
  • For discrimation on the base of gender to disappear- yes Qantas, I’m looking at you
  • For women not to feel useless because they work part time
  • For women not to feel useless because they don’t work
  • For all women not to feel guilty
  • For a female singer to crack the top ten of JJJ Hottest 100 of all time
  • For my daughter to grow up and know the world is her oyster
  • For my son to grow up respecting women
  • For all women to get breakfast in bed on Monday and to be worshipped as the gorgeous creatures they are
  • For husbands everywhere to remember little things like birthdays, anniversaries, putting the seat down and picking clothes up off the floor
  • More chanteuses like Francoise Hardy and Carla Bruni, who have achingly beautiful songs that speak to your soul
  • A laptop
  • A new bike- suggestions are welcome
  • David Tennant (though I would settle for George Clooney)
  • For @Bath to get the kitchen of her dreams

Have a great Women’s and Labour Day!


2 thoughts on “Hear me roar

  1. Well said about the Victorian Honour Roll of Women! I find it incredibly sad that the Bingle beat-up gets more prominence than honouring something of substance. Here’s hoping that all your wishes come true for 2010-11 (except for George – he’s mine!)

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