Goodnight sweetheart goodnight

My last post and Kate’s response about Rituals had me thinking about other rituals in my life.

One of my favourites is bedtime storytime with Miss BG. It involves my chasing her around the house, trying to change her into her pyjamas, trying to brush her teeth (‘I do it’, she insists), brush her hair, then settle on the couch in the lounge to read a couple of books. We usually read the same books over and over and over again. Maisy and Peppa Pig are favourites, but the latest is ‘Ten little fingers and ten little toes’, by Mem Fox and Helen Oxenbury. She insists on holding the book, so I lean over to recite the words at the appropriate page. She asks the same questions at the same page. ‘What’s an eiderdown?’ ‘It’s a blanket.’ ‘What’s he holding?’ ‘A hot-water bottle.’ ‘Why?’ ‘Because he’s feeling cold.’

We usually read two books, but she will try for three sometimes. We then go in to say goodnight to Master BG who is sitting in his bed with dad, having his storytime. Then off to bed with her ‘babies’ and their blanket, which must be nestled beside her before she will even lie down. There’s also a cuddle and a kiss for mummy before she rolls over and closes her eyes.

I go in to Master BG for a kiss and a cuddle and a chat, before heading to the kitchen. Within 5 minutes he is back up, wanting a) to go to the toilet b) to tell us something of burning importance or c) to look for his toy dog. It wears thin after the third time…


One thought on “Goodnight sweetheart goodnight

  1. I love, love, loved reading time at nights with my kids!
    They are now 14 and 16 (nearly 17) and both Carl and myself STILL say how much we miss storytime/bedtime.

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