These are words that go together well

I recently did a  book cull and sorted out some book to take to Vinnies (via my mum who’s a volunteer). I think she kept a few herself and lugged the rest down to the shop.

There were a few tattered favourites with which I could not bear to part

1. my school copy of To kill a mockingbird (well mine and my sister’s), complete with annotations, underlinings and margin notes

It is one of my favourite books and which I read at least once a year. I loved the movie with Gregory Peck, but the book is even better. I studied it for English in Year 10 and I think it was thanks to a wonderful teacher, Mr George who made it have such an impact upon me.
2. my school copy of Le Petit Prince. I studied this for French in VCE and the book apart from being a beautiful story holds a lot of wonderful memories.

My VCE French class comprised of 6 students three of which were boys from our ‘brother school’. I think at some stage I had crushes on all of the boys- Justin, who had the most beautiful blue eyes and long dark eyelashes (but knew he was cute), Stuart, who was quiet with a love of music and a dry sense of humour, and Mickele, who was darkly handsome, and barely acknowledged my existence, until he realized I was better at French than he (let’s just say he was competitive).

When the future Mr BG came to my flat for the first time for dinner, I remember the two of us talking about all things French. I ended up reading to him from Le Petit Prince and translating (a couple of glasses of red wine and I’m such a show-off! *blush*). The night ended with our first kiss- the best first kiss I have ever had.

3. My French-English dictionary- very well used, with all the swear words noted and memorised :).

4. My collection of Enid Blyton books which include the Famous Five, Secret Seven and Folk of the Faraway Tree. They were collected over the years as birthday and Christmas gifts and from next door neighbours whose children had grown and wanted to pass them to a little girl who loved reading.

5. My collection of Trixie Belden mysteries. You could get them at the supermarket for $2.25, and I remember getting my first when I was sick. My mum thought it would be a treat. I loved them for the fact that Trixie was brace, independent and had two older brothers. I’m the eldest and would have sometimes loved an older brother to talk to.

All are quite tattered, yellowing and well thumbed. I’m hoping that one day they’ll be picked up by the kids and read.


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