Bubble Burst

After the highs of last week’s nerdy shenanigans, it had to all come crashing down at some point.

When you’re doing things out of the ordinary, you seem to exist in a glorious bubble, where anything seems possible. All of the cool (okay, read nerdy) themes and ideas you experience at a conference seem reachable.

The week ended with a symposium of e-services librarians at special libraries, where an overview of each 8ibrary was presented, projects were discussed over tea and scones (with jam and cream- shhh don’t tell my gym!) and ways to move forward in some form of collaboration were…put forward, so to speak.

Then reality strikes. You’re back at work where common communication practices such as email or face to face discussion don’t happen. You learn things through hearsay, or simply don’t get told. Work practices which you developed are ignored for a quick cheap fix. The common refrain is “Oh we thought that because you’re part time…”

It is a challenge staying in the loop when you’re not at work full time, but it sometimes feels  that people use the excuse of my part time status not to bother with common courtesy. So today I felt utterly useless and completely underwhelmed.

I am thankful though, for lovely friends, both near and far who listened to me, offered hugs, support and offers of lunch. Thanks guys 🙂 I’ll bounce back!


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