Stream of Consciousness

Memorable aspects of Thursday’s session

I enjoyed the exchange of ideas between audience and keynote speakers at the impromptu ‘fireside chat’. Interesting points of note included

  • technology is a continuous investment and libraries must be  in a constant upgrade cycle of 2-3 years to keep pace with emerging technology and  user needs
  • wishes for what the keynote speakers wanted in libraries in 10 years’ time included libraries to change a bit quicker and the need to deliver services that users want

Paul Sutherland from the Christchurch City Library gave a refreshing presentation on Library 2.0. It was refreshing in so much it seemed like a stream of conscious and was incredibly funny. He spoke of libraries not being about books, but about ideas, and using interactive technologies to share these ideas and collaborate with the public.

I finally got to meet Kim (@haikugirloz) and Kate (@Kate_Bunker) after conversing with them on Twitter for ages. In fact the community of Tweeters definitely contributed to my enjoyment of the conference, escpecially when I couldn’t get to a session. While I am wedded to a pen and paper when taking notes, I do hanker after a electronic notebook for my next conference :).

Falling asleep on the train and waking up to driving rain at Bacchus Marsh. My thoughts were “It’s raining heavily!” before falling asleep again. I was lucky to have left the conference early and missed the havoc created by the storm- buses or simply being stranded in Melbourne.

I had to leave early- the perils of a shared conference pass, but managed to catch up with old friends (the lovely Ms N, the energetic Ms MM to name a couple) meet new ones and netted a few bags for shopping and the gym. I also managed to learn heaps and fill my head with all sorts of possibilities for the future of libraries.


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