Comfortable shoes…

…are a prerequisite for a conference. I may succumb to flats for the final day, but my red dress and I look much better with heels.

In this case the VALA conference’s running joke seemed to be about dancing shoes, which was pretty cool. I’m sure there were a few kicking up their heels at the official and unofficial conference dinners on Wednesday.

As for me, I was looking forward to having a nice dinner of kebabs and salad cooked by (hopefully) Mr BG, seeing the children and putting my feet up to watch a bit of Spicks and Specks.

Meanwhile the sessions I saw that afternoon were interesting. Pat Gregory from the State Library of Victoria spoke of implementing a new form of reference service delivery in the form of roving staff able to handle queries on the floor with offsite questions (phone, online reference) consolidated in the one area. This was achieved with the implementation of Vocera wireless communication devices which staff wear around their necks and which can be used to request assistance from other staff on the public floor.

What was exciting is the change in the service delivery. The SLV recognised the need for flexibility as well as the need to maximise scant resources. The roving aspect satisfies the ability to help the user at the point of need, often with questions that can be technical in nature (help with photocopier, wireless), as well as free librarians up to undertake projects or answer the trickier questions.

I also managed to catch Roy Tennant speaking about APIs, Linked Data and Cloud Computing. I left the presentation with URLs galore, promising myself to check them out and learn more.


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