Come and play, everything’s A-OK

I am very thankful Sesame Street won’t be pulled off the air. It is one of two shows that I enjoyed as a child that my two children also enjoy (The other is Play School, which I still find enjoyable for some of the male presenters…:)).

The ACMA ruled that a scene involving  three year old fairy in training Abby Cadabby did not breach its G classification. The scene, which had Abby using a wand to perform a spell and ask help from her mum when the spell backfired, was deemed to have low sense of threat or menace and was justified by context.
The ruling was in response to a written complaint which believed the scene contained witchcraft and was “totally inappropriate for the target age group”. Abby is a fairy, not a witch, who is pink and purple. As a disclaimer, she is also one of Miss BG’s favourite Sesame characters. It would make me chuckle that someone found the time, after watching this, to compose a letter of complaint to the ABC and then to ACMA were it not for the fact that I am still GOBSMACKED that people think like this!

I am thankful that I am day 5 into my Febfast commitment and I am still ‘dry’. I can buy a day off the no-alcohol challenge for $25, but I will hold off until I really need it.

I am thankful for friends who cheer me up no end when I am tired and prone to navel-gazing.

I am thankful it’s the end of the week and while the weekend is full with swimming and family commitments, I’ll have two hours to myself at the hairdressers while I have cups of tea made for me, read glossy magazines and have my scalp massaged. Ahhh, bliss….


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