On yer bike!

Hooligans like a challenge– an “indestructible” bus shelter razed to the ground. This reminds me of the indestructible chairs we used to have in our classroom in Year 8. They were removed after the boys in my Year 8 class proved this statement to be wrong…

An interesting day today! I rode to the railway station and left my bike at the Parkiteer station. I was quite thankful that there were few people to witness my ride as I showed a bit of leg- I’ll go the A-line rather than the straight skirt next time.

A pretty  full-on day at work with a few interesting enquiries and requests for help, with a quick wander around the city at lunchtime for a break from the rarefied air of work…

It was lovely to come home to my little family though to catch up with their day, and make plans for tomorrow, which includes kinder, vacuuming, mopping and the supermarket. Oh, and making my son into a Viking, which I think will be the first of many obsessions. I remember my brothers into Ancient Egypt and dinosaurs. My obsessions could take some time to recount and as bed beckons I will leave you hanging :).

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