Reasons why I am a Library Nerd (Part 4 of an Occasional Series)

These are just a few reasons, and I am sure there will be many many more!

  • I get a buzz when I hear a song about libraries  and librarians and this list made me think of updating my iPod playlists to include a Library playlist. 10 songs about libraries and librarians– not a bad mixtape, but there are a couple more I would have added, namely Danielle Steel by the Lucksmiths, Karen by the Go Betweens and French Navy by Camera Obscura.
  • Visiting other people’s libraries. Part of my previous job involved travelling to Victorian public libraries, and looking at their particular quirks and meeting their staff. I got to visit the Victorian Auditor-General’s Office today which was enlightening and incredibly valuable.
  • I’m looking forward to the VALA library conference and meeting other librarians I know, attending sessions and gaining a greater insight into what is happening in the bigger library world. When you’re working in a special library environment it is easy to become introverted.
  • I still go to the returns trolley to see if there have been any interesting books which have been recently returned. I got lucky today with a book called Melbourne: Art Deco, which is packed with photos of examples of this beautiful architectural style. Sadly Ballarat somewhat missed the Art Deco stage and there are very few houses and buildings from that period- Victorian/Edwardian tends to be the flavour in Ballarat. Having said that, I should really visit the library and check that out if that’s true…
  • See above last point- I also happen to know the local history librarian quite well 🙂
  • I have started accumulating non-fiction books for the children on dinosaurs, ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece, Animals and Planets- because I want them to realise that you can get some really cool information not just from the internet but from books. Thanks to my days in public libraries I also happen to know the Dewey numbers for these areas off by heart. Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa…

2 thoughts on “Reasons why I am a Library Nerd (Part 4 of an Occasional Series)

  1. Not a really major comment… but can I just say I love this blog? The reason why I ended up working on the Web is directly attributed to my mum taking me to the library all through my childhood in the 80s. It just seems perfectly apt to find a librarian who writes well and has interesting things to say. Confirms my suspicions formed all those years ago that these quiet places were filled with intellectuals and intelligentsia.. thankyou!

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