Some people I know

Sources of inspiration.

KT is finally having a baby. After trying for an umpteen number of years, with a variety of fertility treatments here and interstate, she and her lovely husband are going to be parents. She is the type of person whom you know would be a fantastic mum- kind, nurturing and a gorgeous smile. She is a devoted auntie to the myriad of nieces and nephews. I remember the heartfelt congratulations I received when we told her of our pregnancies. It felt like such a cruel injustice that she was unable to do what she what most wanted in the world.

When others would have given up, she kept on hoping, looking for alternative treatments and options.   Thanks to her sister-in-law, KT will be a mum. Her sister-in-law will be the surrogate and underwent IVF treatment with KT’s embryo in New South Wales. She is currently 20 weeks pregnant and all is well with the bump, which will be a boy. A great excuse to go baby present shopping!

RG is a librarian who lives in Darebin. He rides a bicycle practically everywhere. He shares a car with another couple, but doesn’t use it that often. He makes his own honey, which is delicious, has chooks and has converted his suburban backyard into this garden of Eden. This is watered by two huge water tanks he has installed. He doesn’t own a television, but is a passionate movie-goer.  A good bloke, apart from the fact he is a Collingwood supporter that is :).

AV works for the United Nations and has recently completed his Masters in IT through Charles Sturt University, which is where I met him through a shared class and group assignment. His job has taken him to New York, Geneva (where he is currently based with his wife and two young children), and he is currently in Haiti as part of the On-Site Operations Coordination Centre and the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. His tweets tell of working from tents, eating interesting rations and aftershocks which are still occurring.

Three very different people, all of whom are inspiring and doing their bit to make the world a better place.


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