Sister madly

I feel as if I leaving a myriad of things half-finished today. Work has caught up with me, and I seem to be working on a few things at a time and not getting them done. I have half-written articles and blog pieces which are sitting in my in-box suffering my lack of completion and inspiration. This article from Catherine Deveny is one I have taken to heart.

It feels as if I’m all over the place, which could be attributed to a little person invading the bed early this morning. Miss BG couldn’t get comfortable and tossed, turned and flung little arms hands into faces and backs. When I left the bed this morning she had a wide expanse of bed yet was cuddled up against her daddy. I think an early night tonight for all will be on the agenda.

I ventured out at lunchtime to spend a voucher at Borders and as usual, came out with considerably more than what I had anticipated. Bookshop and the need to spend a voucher by the end of January can make for costly decisions. I am thankful, though, for the fact that I’ve recently done a cull of my books and there is space on my bookshelves :).

How would you envisage the library of the future? In 1972, Geoffrey Hoyle envisaged what the library in 2010 would look like. His predictions may have sounded fantastical, but some of them have come true. Me, I’m still hanging out for the flying cars from Back to the Future II…

What Hitler does when he discovers The Tote is closed

Will write soon!

Book Grrl


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