State of the art

We all have weaknesses for certain shops- I try and not walk past Haigh’s on my lunchbreak and am extremely thankful the Lindt shop is too far down Collins Street for me to be tempted in. Yet I braved the heat yesterday to venture into what could be a minefield- an art supplies shop.

It’s more than stationery- Officeworks, Penfolds and  Office Magic just doesn’t do it for me. Office supplies are just too functional and practical. Art supplies stores sing out with their creative possibilities, creamy thick sketch paper, pencils, pastels, oil paints, paintbrushes…I’m getting dizzy at the thought of it.

I used to draw,  before I moved to Ballarat, before children and before my job got in the way. I had over a couple of years built up a sizeable collection of brushes, oils, watercolours, pastels, chalks and charcoal. Our local community centre had classes in a variety of media which I tried, before I decided what I really liked was the feel of a pencil in my hand. My fingertips were constantly stained from shading, and the staff at the local art supplies store near where I lived knew me quite well.

Even once I stopped drawing, I would still stop by, just to look of course. Luckily there isn’t one near where I work now, nor near my house.

I discovered my tub of art materials while doing a tidy last week, which got me in the mood to actually do something with them. But it looked like I need a kneadable rubber (it looks like blutack and much better for erasing than conventional erasers), and possibly some poster paint for the kids, and maybe even a new sketchpad… I could very well end up walking out with more stuff than what I need :).

I was good- it may have been the thought of lugging paper back to work in 40 degree heat which limited my spending spree. Still I’m sure to be back there- it’s in Degraves St, near Smitten Kitten, another place of weakness :).


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