Hot! Hot! Hot!

So while one of my brothers is enjoying the snow with snowball fights on his lunchtime break in London, everyone at chez Bookgrrl is slowly sizzling in the heat in Ballarat.The weekend was passed by staying close to home as much as possible and only venturing out when necessary and early in the morning to the gym and farmer’s market. Necessary work was done in the morning or late afternoon, with the most onerous task being supplying everyone with cold drinks. Everyone is enjoying the mini pops inthe freezer and watermelon in the fridge.

While I currently have a mountain of books to get through before uni starts, I am always on the look out for something else to read (which is probably why the mountain beside my bed never seems to get smaller). I’m not sure though I’d be reading any of the 10 strangest books in the English Language, but the one on decorating for Goths sounds interesting…

I posted a couple of days ago on children searching on the internet and the need for a child-friendly interface. This article highlights some of the trends and best practices that websites which have been designed for children have in place. It advocates conventional best practices, such as use of bright colours, strong navigation, large and memorable elements a games section and usability testing. It also suggests using animation, sounds, interactivity and Flash- all of which are a strain on bandwidth and if a user is on a slow connection, make it sloooow. And from experience kids are not the most patient of users…

Finally, here are a couple of resolutions we geeks ought to have as part of our list of resolutions. I know it says before 2010- but I think I should be able to push it out to the end of January.

Currently melting in front of the PC, so am adjourning to the fridge and a refreshing gin and tonic glass of water…


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